Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Networking @9

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WHEN:        Friday, August 6, 2011
TIIME:         8:45 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
PLACE:       Western International University, 55 N. Arizona Pl.
COST:         No cost to attend – but registration is requested
FACTS:      Networking @ 9….will feature :
                 Derek Jacobson, Magento Practice Leader for Levementum, LLC
The topic: eCommerce: Why is it important and what are the best options for you the business owner?
Commerce today is no longer just a bricks and mortar business. Consumers are turning away from the store fronts and looking to their computers and phones when they want to shop. For most businesses having a web presence that is efficient as well as in sync with in store messaging is necessary to keep your customers as your customers. 
Before you can decide if your business needs an eCommerce presence and what eCommerce platform is best for you and your company, you need to understand the options available.  This presentation will help you compare and contrast eCommerce options in the areas of:
·          Features
·          Cost
·          Hosting Options
·          Time to install and go live

We will also examine:
·          Service: What if I need help, can I get it? Can I afford it?
·          Customizations: What if I want to do something nutty?
·          Scale: how big can you get?
·          Full Implementations: What if I need a full blown roll-out with customizations, training, etc?

Derek Jacobson is the Magento Practice Leader for Levementum, LLC, a leading software implementer that specializes in solving demand chain problems.  Derek joined Levementum in 2007, and from 2008-2010 was Director of the SugarCRM practice. After 3 years of practice growth and maturity under his leadership, Derek took the reins of the Magento Practice in 2011. Prior to joining Levementum, Derek held key positions at Microchip technology, Pegasus Solutions and McKesson.  Learn more at
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