Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Vistas 2nd & 4th Grade Students Adopt Entire US Marine Platoon in Afghanistan


(South Chandler,  March 25, 2011) Even though 2nd Lt. Emily Lyren is far away from home this year, she and her 40 man US Marine Platoon will not be forgotten.  New Vistas Center For Education 2nd and 4th grade students have adopted Emily and her entire platoon  stationed in Afghanistan.  46 students in all will be sending frequent care packages, letters, and gifts to ease the strain of a 6 month deployment to distant combat zones.
The New Vistas 2nd and 4th graders are students of mathematics teacher, Andrea Pearson and  daughter, Mandy Pearson, a longtime friend of Emily's.  Andrea states:  "These soldiers often work 18 hour days in grueling heat at a remote combat post where personal time is in short supply.  So imagine a soldier during “mail call”  hearing his or her name called out, and being able to physically hold something from “home” that instantly takes them away from the harshness of their surroundings, even if it’s only for a few minutes. 
This unique mother/daughter teaching team  have imparted valuable lessons to their students regarding other cultures.  In addition, the children learn to appreciate their own country and cherish their freedom. 
Neha, 7 years old says:  "We like to send soldiers "goodie boxes".  "It keeps them from getting lonely."   Neha recently enclosed a poem in one of the goodie boxes that read:  "Roses are red, violets are blue, soon you'll be a general, too. '  " I hope it makes her laugh,"  says Neha.
2nd Lt. Emily Lyren, an Annapolis graduate, is commanding officer of a 40-man platoon deployed to Afghanistan in January 2011.  She and her entire platoon are the recipients of "goodies" from New Vistas 2nd and 4th grade students.
Joseph Nseir, Trevor Burgoyne, and Runeli Hatalkar load military care packages bound for Emily Lyren's 40 man Platoon stationed in a remote combat post in Afghanistan. 
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