Friday, August 23, 2013

Ideal Physical Therapy Pigskin Points Contest

Are you a football buff? Maybe you're just a good guesser! Either way, you should enter in Ideal Physical Therapy's Pigskin Points Contest for a chance to win up to $10,000!
Note: all people must be 18 years old to enter, and have a valid Phoenix or Tucson Metro Area address

How it works:
-Once the contest starts in September, you will log in each week and select who you think is going to win the games prior to the Thursday night games.
-The Monday night football total game score will serve as the tiebreaker

How to participate:
-Create an account today at or at 
-Weekly emails will remind everyone to enter their picks and keep you updated on your rankings and the scores of our top participants.

Cash Prizes:
1st Place: $10,000
2nd Place: $5,000
3rd Plac: $1,000

Want to create a group game in the system so that you can see how you are doing against your friends, co-workers, family members and etc? Heres How:

1)      Make your profile, enter the security code – you are automatically entered into the main game.

2)      Click on the “Contests” link, select Professional Football Pick-em Game - 2013 Pigskin Points and enter your picks prior to the first game each week. The weeks auto expire before the first game starts so don’t be late!  Also these picks are used for all groups you enter as well as the main game.

3)      To create a group contest, click on “Create a Group of Friends”

4)      Give your group a name and description

5)      Give your friends the auto generated 8 digit “group code”

6)      Once your friends have created a profile they click on “Join a Group”

7)      They input the 8 digit group code and click join

8)      To complete the process you must “View My Groups” and for that group you click “Moderate” and then approve them to join.  This ensures that only the people you want to play your group game are allowed in!

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