Wednesday, May 25, 2011

City of Chandler InfoMap

May 23, 2011

For Information Contact:

Jim Phipps
Public Information Officer
(480) 782-2225

City releases new version of InfoMap

CHANDLER, Ariz. – Chandler has released a new version of its InfoMap that gives users additional tools to quickly locate City facilities and amenities.

The online map has been on the City's website,, since 2004 and displays the locations of facilities City officials believe are of particular interest to residents, visitors and the public. The map includes information about fire stations, police substations, wells, sewer lift stations, parks, aquatic centers, libraries, schools, and more.

Using Geographic Information System technology, the latest improvements offer “Google®-like” features and new capabilities.

A Quick Search window allows users to select from an extensive list of City facilities and an Advanced Search tool allow users to highlight an area of the City and search for features ranging from addresses and parcels to trailer parks and park trails.

Selecting “Fire Stations” from the Quick Search list, for example, displays a blue dot at every fire station location in the City. Hovering over the location with the cursor brings up a brief description, including the date the station was opened, plus an address and phone number. Clicking on the dot links visitors to information about the Chandler Fire Department posted on the City’s website.

Descriptions of City facilities include any drawbacks to living next to the facility. For example, the description for Sewer Lift Station includes an advisory that “living near a lift station may include occasional odor, continued low-level security lighting, as well as construction disturbances when maintenance is required.”

Current zoning cases can be visually displayed on the map along with case numbers and addresses. A Quick Print tool can be used to print maps and a Mark Up tool makes it easy to add lines and boxes or free-hand drawings. A slide bar tool lets users transition quickly from a line map to an aerial view.

To view Chandler’s InfoMap visit

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