Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Vistas Celebrates Science and Engineering Fair Winners as They Move on to Statewide Competition

Today New Vistas Center For Education announced the winners of the school's Science and Engineering Fair held March 8th.  School Director, Carol Elias and Science Teacher, Dawnmarie Shipley officiated  at the award ceremony.   Top honors went to sixth graders Vika Laloudakis, Thomas Duke, and Pranav  Konuru.  All three will proceed to Intel Foundation's  Arizona Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix April 11-13th.

Several scientists and engineers from Intel Corporation in Chandler judged each project based on the following criteria:   the student's understanding of scientific method; the thoroughness of each student's research; a clearly stated hypothesis based on the research; identification of dependent and independent variables; experiments run with repeated results; accurate analysis of findings; and, a well written conclusion. 

First place winner, Vika Laloudakis submitted a project demonstrating the amount of energy consumed by electronic appliances while they are switched off or in a standby mode - a phenomena known as Vampire Load.  Vika utilized a watt analyzer to assess the wasted energy and resulting cost to the consumer found in various electronic devices.  The study revealed that flat screen televisions were the biggest offenders, costing consumers on average between $35 and $55 per year  in energy costs  just by being plugged into a wall socket and never turned on.

Thomas Duke, who took second place  measured the  effect of extreme temperatures on tennis ball performance.  Thomas measured both kinetic and potential energy against the variables of hot and cold temperatures.  He learned that both extremes disqualify use of the ball according to International Tennis Federation standards.

Pranav Konuru secured third place through his study of  light intensities among incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs. By utilizing a photoresistor, Pranav measured the distance light was cast by both.  Fluorescent lights proved to produce the most light.

Over 40 New Vistas science students will register for the Arizona Science and Engineering Fair April 11--13th at Phoenix Convention Center to compete with other students state-wide.  Last year over 90% of the New Vistas students attending the Arizona Science and Engineering Fair received awards

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